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How I Became A Candle Maker

I dreamed of owning my own candle business and becoming a NICU Mom gave me even more of a superpower feeling. I knew that I was time to pursue my passion. If not now, when? Here's how I became a candle maker. 

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Top 5 FREE Things I Used to Start My Business

  I have been in your shoes - starting a new business can be intimidating and even scary. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be! One of the most common things holding people back from starting their dream is the startup costs needed to pay for things like website hosting, stock and marketing and not to mention your product! Here's a secret - you can set up your entire business for less than $100 -- here's how.  Did you know that Wesley + Wade is actually the second business that I have started? The first business I started, Baja Girl Jewelry, I closed after five years running. When I decided to pivot and move into a new passion, I...

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What are Phthalates?

What are Phthalates? Confession... I totally used to be that girl sitting in the back of the class looking down hoping to not be called on. Can anyone else relate? If you feel that way about not knowing the answer to this question -- I got you! When it came to learning about #ingredients I never looked and never asked, until my boys were born premature and my world completely changed. You can learn more about our story here -- but back to Phthalates! _______ Phthalates (Tha-lates) are a group of chemical plasticizers commonly used in cosmetics, bath and body products, cleaning products, plastic containers, candles, and more. Phthalates are commonly used to increase the flexibility of plastics as well...

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