What are Phthalates?


What are Phthalates?

When it came to learning about #ingredients I never looked and never asked, until my boys were born premature and my world completely changed. You can learn more about our story here -- but back to Phthalates!


Phthalates (Tha-lates) are a group of chemical plasticizers commonly used in cosmetics, bath and body products, cleaning products, plastic containers, candles, and more. Phthalates are commonly used to increase the flexibility of plastics as well as strengthen the scent of #fragrances.

How are they harmful to me? 

When combined at low levels, some phthalates can act together to cause similar harm as seen with exposure to just one phthalate at high levels. Phthalate exposures in humans has been linked to changes in sex hormone levels, altered development of genitals, and low sperm count and quality. (ecocenter.org)

In adults, the effects can cause lower levels of thyroid hormones in #mothers during pregnancy and in their newborns. Later in life, such exposures have been linked with behavior problems and asthma in kids. (nytimes.com)


Yikes. NO thank you. 


How do I know if my candle is Phthalate free? 

Make sure to look for #candles that are #labeled #phthalate-free or the company's website for more ingredient #information. 


When you light that #wesleyandwade #candle and settle into your relaxing bath -- you can rest assured knowing that Phthalates have no place in our #candles or #body #products and we are happy to be #Phthalate #free. 

Hey, now you know something new! 


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