Learn Candle Making in Hood River

Learn Candle Making in Hood River
Hello Candle Enthusiasts,
I'm absolutely thrilled to bring some warmth to the upcoming cooler months with a special announcement. Wesley & Wade has 3 more upcoming candle workshops here in Hood River, Oregon! 
Workshop Dates & Locations:
  1. 📅 November 16th - Roots School & Makery
  2. 📅 December 7th - Roots School & Makery
  3. 📅 December 17th - Grateful Vineyard  (Call 541-399-6665 to Reserve your spot!)
Each workshop will provide an immersive experience where you can dive into the magical world of candle-making. From choosing your scents to hand-pouring your very own candle, I'll personally guide you through each step of the process. Whether you're a beginner or have dabbled in candle-making before, there's something for everyone.
What does the workshop include?
  • Expert Guidance: Here to share my passion and expertise with you, ensuring you craft the perfect candle.
  • Exclusive Scents: Experience unique and exclusive scents available only at these workshops.
  • Connect: Spend time with fellow candle enthusiasts and enjoy a day filled with creativity and fun.
Tickets are limited to ensure each participant receives personalized attention. So, if you're keen to secure your spot and embark on this aromatic journey with us, book today!
If you have any questions or need additional details, feel free to email me directly at elise@wesleyandwade.com 
I am SO excited to share this beautiful craft with you and can't wait to see you in Hood River.
Sparking up your creativity, 
Elise Sanchez 
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