Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small

Did you know that when you shop small, you help support someone’s dream 💭 and there are also so many other benefits!! This year I am dedicated to buying all of my gifts from local businesses.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small:

• Better customer service | When you purchase from a local maker, they can answer any specific question you have about the product, and usually much faster than having to go through a lengthy customer process with a large company. You can sometimes have the option to get the product much faster to your door with local pick up options.

• Diverse products | Its less likely that your gift will be a cookie-cutter version of every other gift. The love and time put into each unique product absolutely shows. When you buy from a local artisan, you can know about the person behind the product. Knowing why it was created and seeing the product of someone’s dream is a much more heartfelt gift.

• Supporting the community | When you shop small you not only support that one business, but you’re giving money back into your local community. It helps create jobs and builds the local economy. You can also meet new people and make connections! So many of my friends are fellow vendors I met at events.

• Better for the environment | Many small businesses require less transportation energy, and less pollution. Many small businesses also recycle as much as possible, and take steps to make their operations sustainable and environmentally friendly. The products are made in much smaller batches and use less resources to create and distribute them.

• Increased Expertise | Shopping local means you can get an expert opinion about the products that you’re purchasing. Local shop owners have to be experts in their field to compete. The ability to ask questions and get advice about products you’re looking to purchase is a huge perk. They are happy to give your advice on which product will be the perfect choice for you or your loved one!

🎄Will you join me and shop small this year!?

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